Manufacturing Facilities

MircTech members have access to the Nanotechnology Research Center (NRC)  microfabrication and cleanroom facilities, and to the machining services offered by the Georgia Tech Research Center.

NRC Cleanroom facilities

NRC Cleanroom facilities (Picture source: NRC Website)

The following is a list of equipment available to the Mircowave Circuit Technology Group through the NRC:

  • CVC Electron beam evaporator
  • CVC RF and DC sputterers
  • CVC Filament evaporator
  • Edwards Auto 306 sputterer
  • Molecular Beam Epitaxy machine
  • Karl Suss MJB-3 mask aligners (including IR capability)
  • Karl Suss MA-6 mask aligner
  • Karl Suss spin coaters
  • Rapid thermal annealer
  • Lindberg furnaces
  • Plasma therm ICP (deep RIE)
  • Plasma therm PECVD
  • Plasma term RIE
  • Plas-Mos ellipsometer
  • Ozone stripper
  • Alpha step profilometer
  • Veeco Dektak profilometer
  • Gold plating station
  • Critical point drier for MEMS release
  • Hitachi 3500H SEM
  • Semitool spin rinse drier
  • Wet etching stations
  • Automated dicing saw
  • Polishing and lapping stations
  • Dark room for mask generation
  • Wire bonders (Au, Cu, Al)
  • Wafer bonding stations
  • Stations for chip to substrate connections via reflow of eutectic solders or conductive adhesives
  • High speed precision flip-chip placement
  • K&S wire ball bump bonder 

An updated and more complete list of NRC microfabrication equipment can be found here.


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