Measurement Laboratories

The MiRCTECH Measurement Laboratories are located at the Tech Square Research Building and is equipped for a broad range of measurements covering from a few GHz to sub-THz frequencies. Below is a list of some of our featured measurement equipment:

  • Several vector network analyzers (VNA)
  • An Agilent 8510C vector network analyzer (110 GHz)
  • A performance network analyzer with mm-wave and subterahertz capacity
  • Spectrum analyzers (including an Agilent PXA)
  • A load-pull system with pulsed and continuous-wave measurement capacity (up to 18 GHz)
  • A wide variety of power sensors, signal generators, power amplifiers

The measurement laboratory has several probing stations, one of them with a thermally controlled chuck stage (300 K to 500 K). The laboratories include two anechoic chambers for antenna characterization up to mm-wave frequencies.

In addition, the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) has an anechoic chamber for various antenna measurements and cryocoolers for testing of electronic circuits at extremely low temperatures. The NSF Packaging Research Center also has several lasers (Argon Ion, Nd:YAG, HeNe and DFB) and other optoelectronic equipment (e.g. spectrophotometer, optical modulator, lightwave component analyzer).

MiRCTECH Affiliations

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