Fan Cai

Fan Cai

Fan Cai,
Doctorate Student


Fan Cai received the B.S. degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in 2008, and the M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Georgia Tech in 2011. She is currently working toward the Ph.D. degree at Georgia Tech with MiRCTECH Group under Dr John Papapolymerou.

Research Interests

  • 3D printing for RF systems
  • Microwave active and passive circuit design
  • RF interconnect modeling
  • Wireless charging and sensors for smart grid


  1. F. Cai, V. Aida and J. Papapolymerou, “Design and Characterization of a 3-D cavity filter at X-band,” IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory and Tech., 2015 (preparation).
  2. F. Cai, Y. Chang, C. Zhang and J. Papapolymerou, “Striplines with multilayers transition by Aerosol Jet 3-D printing,” IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory and Tech., (preparation).
  3. F. Cai, W. Khan and J. Papapolymerou, “A Low Loss X-band Filter Using 3-D Polyjet Technology,” IEEE MTT-S Int. Microwave Symp., 2015.
  4. F. Cai, Y. Chang, K. Wang, C. Zhang and J. Papapolymerou, “Aerosol Jet Printing for 3-D Multilayer Passive Microwave Circuitry,” IEEE European Microwave Conference, Oct. 2014.
  5. F. Cai, Y. Chang, K. Wang, C. Zhang and J. Papapolymerou, “High Resolution Aerosol Jet Printing of D-Band Printed Transmission Lines on Flexible LCP Substrate,” IEEE MTT-S Int. Microwave Symp. Tempa, FL, June 2014.
  6. F. Cai, A. Ulusoy and J. Papapolymerou, “2.4 GHz Low Cost Low Noise Amplifier on Flexible Organic Substrate,” IEEE Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference, Seoul, Korea, Feb. 2013.
  7. F. Cai, Z. Li, J. Agar, C. P. Wong, J. Papapolymerou, “Novel Stretchable Electrically Conductive Composites for Tunable RF Devices,” IEEE International Microwave Symposium, Montreal, Canada, Feb. 2012.
  8. F. Cai, R. Huang, E. Farantatos, A. Mellopoulos, J. Papapolymerou, “Self-powered Smart Meter with Synchronized Data,” IEEE Radio Week Symposium, San Diego, CA, Sept. 2011.
  9. F. Cai, D. Chung, E. Farantatos, A. Mellopoulos, J. Papapolymerou, “Self-powered Advanced Meter Design for Smart Grid,” IEEE Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference, Yokohama, Japan, May 2010.

Contact Information

Mailing address:
Technology Square Research Building
85 Fifth Street NW, Suite 547
Atlanta, GA 30308
Phone No.:
(404) 385-6408

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