Gaetan Dufour

Gaetan Dufour

Gaetan Dufour,
M.Sc. Alumnus


Gaëtan Dufour pursue an advanced undergraduate preparation in maths & physics for the competitive national entrance examinations to the French Grandes Ecoles. In 2009 He was accepted at the Ecole Centrale de Lille: one of France’s top ten Grandes Ecoles leading to an Engineering degree (equivalent to the Master Degree). After a two-years common core multidisciplinary curriculum he specialized in Waves, Micro/Nano-technologies and Telecoms. He also pursued a Master Research Degree in Micro/Nano Technologies at the University of Lille. He intends to graduate from those to Universities in 2012 after a final 6 months internship in the MircTech Group.

Research Focus

  • Tunable antennas on ultra-soft substrates
  • Microfluidic for RF systems

Work Experience

  • Summer 2011: Intern Engineer Assistant at RTE (French network for transport of electricity) in the Network Development Department
  • Summer 2010: Research Intern at the University of Texas at Austin in the Environmental and Water Resources Engineering (EWRE)
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