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PhD Student Aida Vera wins honors at the 2012 IEEE International Microwave Symposium

Aida Vera

Press release excerpt: Ms. Vera Lopez’s paper entitled, “Hybrid Silicon-Organic Packaged Antenna Array at 60 and 80 GHz Using a Low-Cost Bonding Technique,” was coauthored with her Ph.D. advisor John Papapolymerou, G. Ponchak of the NASA Glenn Research Center, and

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Papapolymerou Appointed As Editor-In-Chief Of IEEE Journal

Dr. Papapolymerou

Press release excerpt: John Papapolymerou has been appointed editor-in-chief of IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters. A professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Dr. Papapolymerou is the first Georgia Tech faculty member to hold this post and will

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MiRCTECH Alumni, Dr. John Papapolymerou, and other Georgia Tech Authors co-receive the H.A. Wheeler Prize Paper Award of the IEEE APS

Dr. Chad Patterson

From left to right: Dr. Chad Patterson, Ana M. Yepes, Dr. Swapan Bhattacharya and Dr. John Papapolymerou. Press release excerpt: (The) paper entitled “A Lightweight Organic X-Band Active Receiving Phased Array with Integrated SiGe Amplifiers and Phase Shifters,” (…) was

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Outmane Lemtiri Chlieh Receives 2012 IEEE MTT-S BS/MS Scholarship

Outmane Lemtiri Chlieh

Press release excerpt: A master’s degree student in John Papapolymerou’s research group, Mr. Chlieh works with CMOS Ultra-Wide-Band Active Baluns, an RF device that can convert a differential signal at the input to a single ended signal at the output.

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PhD Student Carlos A. Donado Morcillo wins First Place award in 2012 IEEE RWS Student Paper Competition

Carlos A. Donado Morcillo

Press release excerpt: Mr. Donado Morcillo was honored for his paper entitled “Design of Stripline Beam-Former Network Components for Low-Profile, Organic Phased Arrays in the X-Band.” Sharing in this award were his co-authors and co-presenters, ECE Ph.D. student Chad Patterson

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Dr. John Papapolymerou is elected as IEEE Fellow

Dr. John Papapolymerou Principal Investigator

Press release excerpt: John Papapolymerou, professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, was awarded the IEEE Fellow citation “for contributions to flexible, microwave and wireless components and systems.” Papapolymerou has been instrumental in the development of conformal, flexible

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NASA Awards MircTech and Georgia Tech $2.4M for lightweight environmental RADAR development

[2011.01.04] Dr. John Papapolymerou elected as “IEEE Fellow” along with other 5 Georgia Tech faculty members [2010.03.05] NASA Awards Georgia Tech Grant to Study Climate Change  - PBA, Atlanta [2010.03.05] Georgia Tech gets NASA grant to develop radar for mapping ice

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DARPA-MiRCTECH Award to Create Computer-Aided Design Environment for MEMS Devices

[2007.08.12] Understanding MEMS: DARPA Award to Create Computer-Aided Design Environment for Micro-Electromechanical Systems Devices – Georgia Tech Research News

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